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Castleton Tower - South Face

Castleton Tower - South Face

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The most famous of all of the desert towers (and possibly the one with the least atrocious rock), Castleton was also one of the first to be climbed, all the way back in 1962. The Kor-Ingalls (line 2) is one of Steck and Roper's 50 classics, for very good reason: a natural, not too difficult, not too terrifying way to a spectacular summit. It's not just the Kor-Ingalls, though: thanks to the likes of Jay Smith and Ed Webster, the south face sports a number of somewhat harder lines.

Castleton also happens to be the only desert tower on top of which a car commercial was filmed...

If you want the wet version of this, have a look at the Old Man of Hoy. There is also a poster of the North Face.

Route List

1: Black Sun, 5.10b, Coyne, Hopkins, Webster, 1977

2: Kor-Ingalls, 5.9, Ingalls, Kor, 1961/Carter, McCarty, 1962 

3: Discrete Start to Black Sun, 5.9 R, Payne, Trout, 2009

4: Burning Inside, 5.11b, Novellino, Smith, Teare, 1994 

5: Arrowhead Left, 5.10+ A1, Dreiman, Webster, 1982

6: Underworld, 5.11, Smith

7: Stardust Cowboy, 5.11a A1, Dreiman, Webster, 1982

8: Hollow Point, 5.11+, Novellino, Smith, 1994

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