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Castleton Tower - North Face

Castleton Tower - North Face

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If the South Face is home to the famous Kor-Ingalls, the North Face of Castleton has two ultra-classics: the North Face (and its three variations to P1, lines 3, 4 and 6), and the easiest way up the tower, the North Chimney (line 2). Also mostly visible on this image is the new 5.13b test piece, The Ivory Tower (line 1).

If you want the wet version of this, have a look at the Old Man of Hoy.

Route List

1: The Ivory Tower, 5.13b, Kalous, Lightner, 2012

2: North Chimney, 5.9, Burgette, Erickson, 1970

3: North Face, Webster variation, 5.11a, Norden, Webster, 1979

4: Lella-Rotert variation, 5.11a, Lella, Rotert, 1980

5: Sacred Ground, 5.12b, Smith, 1994

6: North Face, original start, 5.11b, Dunn, Snively, 1973/Pfeiffer, Turecki, 1988

7: Sun, Moon, and Stars, 5.11d A3+, Beyer, McInerny, 1993

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