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The Rostrum

The Rostrum

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Yosemite is not just about 3,000ft granite monoliths in the valley. Sometimes it's about 700ft granite monoliths just outside the valley. The Rostrum is on the list of every 5.11 Yosemite climber, especially combined with the famously wild Alien Finish. This image also shows the (even better?) Blind Faith and some obscure routes on the walls to either side of the column.

Route List

1: Country Corner, 5.9, Howard, Reid, 1992

2: Dime Bag, 5.10c, Bard, Braun, 1975

3: High Line, 5.10 R A3+, McNeely, Wright, 2000

4: Whipcord (Bridwell Corner Finish), 5.13c, Barry, 1993 (Bridwell, Price)

5: Original Finish, 5.12b

6: The Excellent Adventure, 5.13c

7: Alien Finish, 5.12b, Yaniro, 1980

8: North Face, 5.11c, Denny, Harding, 1962/Carrigan et al., 1985

9: Blind Faith, 5.11d, Bard, Kauk, 1975

10: West Base Route, 5.10c, Czamanske, Wood, 1959/Cashner, Reid, 1982

11: Lloyd’s Return Trip, 5.9, Price

12: Notch Route, 5.4, Adam, Brower, Leonard, Pundt, 1941

13: Static Cling, 5.10a, Cashner, Reid, 198

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