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Rainbow Slab

Rainbow Slab

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Slate climbing is unlike anything else on the planet: thin, technical, run out and absolutely terrifying. Power counts for very little, it is all about the ability to commit to minuscule holds far, far above mediocre gear. Rainbow Slab is a wall of legend, the single cleanest and most beautiful expanse of rock in the whole quarries. This poster not only shows the lines, but also every visible bolt or piece of permanently fixed gear (looking at you, weird protruding pipe on Pull My Daisy...).

Route List

1: Nearly but not Quite, E1 5c

2: Horse Latitudes, F6b, Crook, Drury, D. Jones, I. A. Jones, 1985 

3: Bella Lugosi is Dead, E1 5b, Crook, Walton, 1984

4: Alive and Kicking, F6a+, Hughes, I. A. Jones, 1986

5: Catrin, E2 5c, Morris, Reeves, 2007

6: Frogs/Combined Colours, HS 4a/IV, Popp, Williams, 1986

7: Light and Darkness, E5 6b, Dale, Nixon, 1986

8: Big Wall Party, E5 6b, Allen, Williams, 1986

9: Major Headstress, E5 6a, Gilchrist, Williams, 1986

10: Ride the Wild Surf, E4 6a, Jones, Williams, 1986

11: Wall of Flame, E5 6a, Lawson, Williams, 1986

12: Great Balls of Fire, E4 6a, Allen, Williams, 1986

13: Colossus, E3 5c, Holmes, Williams, 1986

14: Freak Yer Beanbag, E5 6b, Dowthwaite, Edmondson, Pritchard, 1986

15: Cabbage Man Meets the Flying Death Leg, E2 5c, Hughes, Pritchard, 1986

16: Red and Yellow and Pink and Green, Orange and Purple and Blue, E1 5a, Lynden, 1984

17: The Richard of York Finish, E3 5b, Lockley, Lynden, 1984

18: Eros, E2 5b, Long, Lynden, Silvester, Towse, 1984

19: Pull my Daisy, E2 5c, Lynden, Silvester, 1984

20: Chewing the Cwd, E5 6b, Jones, Pritchard, Thomas, 1987

21: Released from Treatment, E6 6b, Newton, Redhead, Towse, 1986

22: Naked Before the Beast, E6 6b/c, Redhead, Towse, 1984

23: The Rainbow of Recalcitrance, E6 6b, Lynden, Silvester, 1984

24: The Cure for a Sick Mind, E7 7a (F8a), Pritchard, 1987

25: Memorable Stains, E4 6a, Pritchard, 1987

26: Bungle’s Arête, F8b, Myles, 1990

27: Poetry Pink, E5 6b, Redhead, Towse, 1984

28: The Very Big Copout, E5 6b, Muskett

29: The Very Big and the Very Small, F8b+, Dawes, 1990

30: Raped by Affection, E7 6c, Redhead, Towse, 1984

31: Ringin’ in Urea’s, E6 6b, Harms, 1987

32: Cystitis by Proxy, E5 6b, Redhead, Towse, 1984

33: Slipstream, E5 6b, Newton, Towse, 1986

34: Stiff Syd’s Cap, E6 6b, Redhead, Towse, 1986

35: Prick up Urea’s, E6 6c, Barbier, Harms, 1987

36: DOA, E6 6c, Allen, Drury, 1986

37: Drury Lane, E6 6b, Allen, Drury, 1986

38: Jai’a’n, E6 6b, Anthoine, Harms, 1988

39: Over the Rainbow, E5 6a, Campbell, Raine, 1987

40: The Race Against Time, E3 5b, Britain, Gilliver, 1986

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