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Piz Badile - North Face

Piz Badile - North Face

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The last one of the six classic north faces of the Alps, the only reason Piz Badile isn't more famous is because of its somewhat remote location, in the Grisons at the Swiss-Italian border. What it offers, though, is some of the most perfect granite in Europe and spectacular, surprisingly moderate climbing. Piz Badile itself is a fin of granite jutting out from the Cengalo massif, with its incredible knife edge North Ridge shooting straight up for over 1200 meters. The north-east face itself is a blank slab of grey granite, of which the clever Cassin route finds the only weakness.

This poster also shows a few routes on the north faces of nearby Punta Sertori and Pizzo Trubinasca. 

Route List

1: ENE Ridge of Punta Sertori, Molinatto, Pinardi, Riva, 1932

2: E Face of Punta Sertori, Bernasconi, Riva, Vinci, 1939 

3: Panoramica, 6b+ (6a obl.), Bianchi, Frei, 2003

4: N Ridge of Punta Sertori, Castelli, Fiorelli, 1905

5: ESE Ridge, Klucker, Rey, Rydzewski, 1893

6: Estasi, Maspes, Salini, 1991

7: Diretta del Popolo, 7a+ (6a obl.), Gianola, Fazzini, 1987

8: Via Belica-Koller, 6b A0, Belica, Koller, 1975

9: Via Felice Battaglia, 6a A0, Battaglia, Corti, 1953

10: English Route, 6a A2, Isherwood, Kosterlitz, 1968

11: Hiroshima, 7a (7a obl.), Libèra, Libèra, 1995

12: Via Nardella , 6a A3/7b+, Chiappa, Martinelli, Nardella, Scarabelli, 1973/Hefti, Schenk, 2019

13: Via del Fratello, 5b A2/6b, Rusconi, Rusconi, 1970

14: Memento Mori, 6b A3, Rybicka, Simon, Skalda, 1980

15: Via dei Fiori, 5c A0, Koller, Silhàn, 1978

16: Via Cassin, 6a (5c obl.), Cassin, Esposito, Molteni, Ratti, Valsecchi, 1937

17: Favola Ribelle, 6a+, Brambati, Carnati, Vitali, 1988

18: Linea Bianca, 5c+, Koller, Silhàn, 1978

19: Moscacieca, 6a+, Carnati, Vitali, 1986

20: La Storia Lunga, 6a, Jakubec, Mierka, 2002

21: Another Day in Paradise, 6b (6a+ obl.), Müller, Müller, Zgraggen, 1991

22: Diritto d’Autore, 5c+, Brambati, Carnati, Vitali, 1987

23: Neverland, 5c, Brambati, Carnati, Vitali, 1986

24: Peter Pan, D 3c, Burgener, Gentinetta, Mummery, Petrus, 1879

25: N Ridge, 5a, Risch, Zurcher, 1923

26: Dixan, 6c (6c obl.), Crippa, Spreafico, 1989

27: Tumiturbi, 6b (6b obl.), Falett, Lisignoli, Mazza, 2004


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