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Mount Assiniboine - North and West Faces

Mount Assiniboine - North and West Faces

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One of the most stunningly beautiful mountains of North America, Mt Assiniboine is often dubbed the Matterhorn of the Rockies. The short climbing season and length of the approach, however, mean that most of the ascents focus on a handful of climbing routes, especially the North Ridge, the de facto normal route. In fact, two out of the four lines on this posters have never been repeated!

Route List

1: North Ridge, AD 5.5, Douglas, Häsler, Kaufmann, 1903/FWA: Gardner, Grassman, Scott, 1967

2: North Face, D 5.7 WI2, Chouinard, Faint, Jones, 1967/FWA: Jotterand, 1978

3: Slovenian Route, D 5.6 WI5, Tomazin, Virk, 1990

4: Northwest Face, D 5.6, Aemmer, Longstaff, 1910


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