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Monkey Face - Northeast Face

Monkey Face - Northeast Face

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The slender pillar of the Monkey Face is, by far, the most known feature of Smith Rock. This image shows the north and east aspects, including what once upon a time was the hardest sport route in the US, Just Do It at 5.14c, as well as one of the most striking arêtes you can find anywhere in the world, The Backbone.


See also the West Face poster.

Route List

1: Close Shave, 5.12d R, Puddy, Watts, 1985

2: Pioneer Route, 5.7 A1, Bohn, Fraser, Staender, 1960

3: Monkey Off My Back, 5.9, Emde, Lawson, 2002

4: Rising Expectations, 5.11d, 1960s/Jones, Watts, 1979

5: Megalithic, 5.12d, Sandahl, 1990

6: Just Do It Start, 5.13d, Watts, 1989/Tribout, 1991

7: Just Do It, 5.14c, Watts, 1989/Tribout, 1992

8: East Face Start, 5.12c, Watts, 1983

9: East Face, 5.13d, Bjorkman, Schmitz, 1964/Watts, 1985

10: Spank the Monkey, 5.12a R, Watts, 1985

11: Spank the Monkey Full, 5.13d R, Nazarian, 1996/T. Caldwell, 2004

12: North Face Original Start, 5.11a A1, D. Caldwell, Kindler, 1967

13: Northwest Corner, 5.12a, Ashworth, Bauman, 1969/Watts, 1985

14: The Backbone, 5.13a, Gullich, Kauk, Watts, 1989/Kauk, 1989


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July 17, 2023: Minor graphic design update

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