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Les Drus - Face Nord

Les Drus - Face Nord

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One of the six major North Faces of the Alps, les Drus (and bits of the Nant Blanc face) is home to some of the most steep and demanding routes in Mont Blanc, and is fast becoming a winter playground for a new generation of climbers.

Route List

1: Gabarrou-Silvy, ED WI6 6b M5, Gabarrou, Silvy, 1978

2: Goulotte Marsigny, TD+ WI4, Marsigny, 1990

3: There Goes the Neighborhood, ED WI6 5c A3, Backes, Twight, 1993

4: Sans Nom Sans Âme, ED- WI5 6a A2, Parkin, 1994

5: Voie Charlet-Devouassoux, TD WI4, Charlet, Devouassoux, 1928

6: Face NW du Pic Sans Nom, ED, Boysen, Eastcourt, 1967

7: Pilier W du Pic Sans Nom, ED, Brossard, Mizrahi, 1973

8: Freedom, ED WI6+ M8 6b/A1, Henry-Amar, Lochu, 2007

9: Voie Tuccinardi-Schmutz, ED-, Tuccinardi, Schmutz, 1975

10: Voie Cecchinel-Stolzenberg, ED- 5c Av3, Cecchinel, Stolzenberg, 1976

11: Couloir Nord des Drus, ED- WI5 5c M8/A1, Cecchinel, Jager, 1973

12: Couloir Nord Direct, ED+, Accomazo, Sorenson, 1977

13: Voie des Polonais, ED, Kukuczka, Kurtyka, Lakaszewski, 1973

14: Voie des Tchèques, ED, Slavik, Simon, 1979

15: Voie Lesueur, ED M7, Lesueur, Lesueur, 1952

16: Directissime Jean-Claude Bertrand, ED+, Gabarrou, Long, 1986

17: Voie des Guides, ED+ M8+, Feuillerade, Jager, Paris, Seigneur, 1967

18: C’est Arrivé Demain, ED+, Berhault, Remy, Remy, 1979

19: Voie Allain-Leininger, TD+ 5c, Allain, Leininger, 1935

20: Américaine Directe (sortie face nord), ED- 6c, Hemming, Robbins, 1962



Apr 14, 2021: New color scheme, reordered numbers, added two missing lines (Freedom and C'est Arrivé Demain).

Feb 15, 2022: Added two missing lines on Pic Sans Nom, thanks to Simon Richardson for the update.

Oct 13, 2022: Graphic design update.

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