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K2 - South Face

K2 - South Face

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The second highest mountain on the planet, at 8,611m, is also among the most difficult and dangerous. It was the last to be climbed in winter, and even its "normal" route, the Abruzzi ridge, is a steep and technical endeavor that has little to do with its big brother Everest.

The image from this poster was captured between Concordia and Base Camp and shows the two most popular routes, the Abruzzi and the Cesen, as well as some extreme lines that have yet to see further ascents.

Route List

1: West Ridge, Otani, Sabir, 1981

2: The Magic Line, Božík, Piasecki, Wróz, 1986

3: Kukuczka-Piotrowski, Kukuczka, Piotrowski, 1986

4: Bargiel descent, Bargiel, 2018

5: SSE Spur/“Cesen” route, De Pablo, Iñurrategi, Iñurrategi, Oiarzabal, Tomás, 1994

6: Abruzzi Ridge, Compagnoni, Lacedelli, 1954

     A: House Chimney

     B: Black Pyramid

     C: The Shoulder

     D: The Bottleneck

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