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Howser Towers - East Faces

Howser Towers - East Faces

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While less spectacular than their west faces, the east faces of the Howser Towers offer some interesting mixed and moderate alpine rock, as well as descent lines for most of the monster routes on the other side. Climate change is taking its toll, though, as the bergshrunds are becoming increasingly impassable, especially as seen here in early fall!

Route List

1: East Face/Southeast Ridge of South Tower, 5.9+ AI3, Anderson, Beckey, Boyer, Campbell, 1941

2: It Is What It Is, M5 WI4 R, Takeshi, Yamada, 2015

3: Ethereal, M6 WI4 R, McAllistar, Olson, 2014

4: Thompson-Turk, 5.10 R, Thompson, Turk, 1990

5: Perma-Grin, M5 WI4 R, Isaac, Semple, Webster, 2002

6: Northeast Face of South Tower, 5.7 A2, Beckey, Chouinard, 1961

7: The Big Hose, M5 WI4 5.9, Krakauer, 1978

8: Rappel lines

9: South Ridge of Central Tower, 5.11-, Adams, Cameron, Goeddel, 1972/Richardson, Walsh, 2011

10: East Face of Central Tower, 5.7+, Spero, Waterman, 1974

11: North Ridge of Central Tower, 5.6, Austin, Bernays, McCarthy, Rupley, 1955

12: South Ridge of North Tower, 5.6, Frind, Kain, MacCarthy, MacCarthy, Vincent, 1916 

13: East Face/North Ridge of North Tower, 5.4, Cranmer, Hendricks, Olton, Prescot, 1938

14: East Ridge of Preshaw Pillar, 5.9, Preshaw, Preshaw, 1990

15: East Ridge/North Ridge of North Tower, 5.4, Ayres, Little, Oberlin, Woods, 1946

16: Northeast Face of North Tower, 5.6 WI3, Debeyer, Sellers, 1995

17: Integral North Ridge of North Tower, 5.8+, Finlay, Gale, Gibson,  Johnston, Styles, Wessel, 1946


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