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Gasherbrum IV - West Face (The Shining Wall)

Gasherbrum IV - West Face (The Shining Wall)

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One of the most legendary mountain faces in the world, the west face of Gasherbrum IV has seen some of the best climbers in history, and has only been climbed twice. The 1985 ascent by Kurtyka and Schauer, taking 11 days instead of the planned 5, has become a legend despite not reaching the actual summit and is sometimes called the greatest ascent of the twentieth century. An inexperienced Korean team finally scaled the wall via its central rib in siege style in 1997, coming within 2 meters of the corniced summit.

Route List

1: Northwest Ridge, ED+ 5.9, Child, Hargis, McCartney-Snape, 1986

2: The West Face, Central Rib, ED+ 5.10 A3, Hak-Jae Yoo, Tong-Kwan Kim, Jung-Ho Bang, Sung-Dae Cho et al., 1997

3: The Shining Wall, ED+ 5.7, Kurtyka, Schauer, 1985

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