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Everest and Lhotse - Southwest Faces

Everest and Lhotse - Southwest Faces

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What needs to be said about the highest and fourth highest mountains of the world? This poster features a gigapixel photo taken by Tim Mosedale from Camp III on Nuptse and shows the Southwest Faces of both peaks, including the entire Lhotse Face. The normal route on Everest is visible from Camp II (above the Icefall) to the South Col, and then again from the South Summit to the true Summit, but the Balcony section is hidden out of sight. It also features some legendary routes like the Hard Way (Bonington's 1975 route) and the West Ridge Direct, as well as some never repeated lines. The normal route on Lhotse and Urubko's variant on the West Flank are also visible.

With the extreme resolution, you can see individual climbers heading up the Lhotse Face, and a few sherpas on or near the actual summit, some of the very first of the 2022 season!

Route List

1: West Ridge via Hornbein Couloir, Hornbein, Unsoeld, 1963

2: West Ridge Direct, Belak, Bozic, Phu, Stremfelj, Zaplotnik, 1979 

3: Korean Route, Jin, Kang, Park, Shin, Park, 2010

4: Soviet Buttress, Balyberdin, Berrshov, Ephimov, Golodov, Ivanov, Khomutov, Khrishchaty, Myslovsky, Puchkov, Turkevich, Valiev, 1982

5: Southwest Face (The Hard Way), Boardman, Burke, Haston, Pertemba, Scott, 1975

6: South Pillar, Czok, Kukuzcka, 1980

7: Southwest Ridge (Normal Route), Hillary, Tenzing Norgay, 1953

8: Lhotse West Flank, Urubko, 2010

9: Lhotse Main via Reiss Couloir (Normal Route), Luchsinger, Reiss, 1956


Nuptse Camp III - ©Tim Mosedale -

May 8, 2022


March 7, 2024: Added Camp II, III and IV labels, minor graphic update.

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