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Chacrarajus - South Faces

Chacrarajus - South Faces

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The twin peaks of Chacraraju West and East offer some of the craziest snow runnel climbing in a mountain range famous for them. Its very name, 'chakra', means 'plowed field'. Most of the obvious lines have been explored, though many only have come to the summit ridge, without the FA party tagging the actual summit. Steep, dangerous and committing, there are no easy routes to the top, and it has sometimes been called the most challenging 6,000m peak in the Andes.

Route List

1: Bouchard-Meunier Route, ED+ 90°, J. Bouchard, M.O. Meunier, 1977

2: French Direct, ED, M. Arizzi, X. Chappaz, R. Desmaison, J. Fouque, 1983

3: Astier Route, ED, Y. Astier, 1979

4: French-Swiss-Peruvian Route, ED+, P.E. Beaud, X. Bongard, H. Colonia, P.A. Romagnoli, 1984

5: Yugoslav Route, ED, F. Knez, M. Frešer, 1982

6: Northeast Face, ED A1, C. Gaudin, M. Davaille, R. Jenny, M. Martin, R. Sennelier, P. Souriac, L. Terray, 1956

7: 1972 Japanese Route, TD, K. Kochi, M. Tanaka, 1972

8: Fowler variation, J. Arnow, C. Fowler, W. Mooz, 1988

9: Richey-Brewer Route, ED, S. Brewer, M.A. Richey, 1978

10: Spanish-Peruvian Route, ED, A. Garcia, F.J. Escolar, W. Silverio, 1984

11: Jaeger Direct, ED, Jaeger, 1978

12: 1976 Japanese Route, ED, K. Kondo, M. Yoshino, 1976

13: Krik Srnega granita (The Shriek of Black Stone), ED+ A2 5.10 90°, J. Juhasz, M. Markovic, 1999

14: The Devil’s Reach Around, ED+ 5.10 M6 90°, A. Berg, Q.L. Roberts, 2017

15: 1962 French Route, ED, L. Dubost, P. Gendre, G. Magnone, J. Soubis, L. Terray, 1962

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