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Ama Dablam - Northwest Face

Ama Dablam - Northwest Face

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Often described as the Matterhorn of the Himalayas, Ama Dablam is probably the most strikingy shaped mountain in Nepal. Overlooking the ever popular Khumbu trek to Everest Base Camp from Namche to Gorak Shep and Island Peak, it often impresses trekkers more than even Everest itself.


The northwest face shows the two most popular routes to the summit: the normal route on the southwest ridge and the north ridge, as well as the incredible line of the northwest ridge itself, one of the purest climbs in Himalayan history and never repeated since its 2000 ascent.

Route List

1: North Ridge via Northeast Spur, 5.7 AI4, Hall, Henderson, McCartney-Snape, 1981

2: North Ridge, 5.7 AI4, Audoubert, Chaud, Estienne, Magnificat, Renaud, Salomez, Solemieux et al., 1979

3: The Stane Belak Strauf Memorial Route, 5.7 AI5 A2+, Furlan, Humar, 1996

4: Japanese Route, AI5, Fukushima, Kato, Ogawa, Teranishi, Tomika, Tsubai, 1980

5: Northwest Ridge, Scottish VII, Cartwright, Cross, 2000

6: Southwest Ridge (Normal Route), 5.9 AI3, Bishop, Gill, Romanes, Ward, 1961


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