With a short and easy approach, beautiful rock and manageable height, it is no wonder that Pointes Lachenal are so popular. There is more to them than the Contamine rock route and Pellissier gully, however, with a flurry of granite routes at all grades from Gérard Long and Romain Vogler in the late 80s, most of them unfairly forgotten despite their awesome names full of puns, and some very modern mixed lines, perfect with for a skiing approach which does not require any skinning uphill all day!



  1. Mété-eau
  2. Les Concurrents de l'Inutile
  3. Hit Machine
  4. Fait d'Hiver
  5. Contre Saison
  6. Haut et Court
  7. Rap Qui Peut
  8. Harlem de Nuit
  9. Conséquences Photos
  10. Money Money
  11. El Capone
  12. Crackodile Dundee
  13. Goulotte Pellissier
  14. Voie Marylène
  15. Cecchinel-Jager
  16. Monte à la Mine
  17. La Ruée vers l'Haut
  18. L'Âge Dort
  19. Mine de Rien
  20. Le Bon Filon
  21. Or-Or
  22. A l'Orée du Bois
  23. Harold et Maud
  24. Voie Contamine
  25. Le Macroscope
  26. Ras Bord
  27. Le Vieux Brandy Jack Jones
  28. Dallas Texas
  29. M6 Solar
  30. Star Académixte
  31. Ophélie Winter

Pointes Lachenal - Faces Sud