The most recognizable mountain of the Alps (and probably the entire world), the Matterhorn (or Monte Cervino, or Mont Cervin) has four perfect faces and four perfect ridges. Presented here are the Swiss side as seen from Zermatt, with the Furggen ridge, East Face, Hörnli Ridge (Swiss normal route), North Face and Zmutt Ridge.



  1. Furggengrat
  2. Ostwand
  3. Furggengrat, via diretta per gli strapiombi
  4. Furggengrat, via Hörnli
  5. Hörnligrat
  6. Zmuttgrat
  7. Czechoslovakian Route
  8. Schmid Route
  9. Czechoslovakian Direct
  10. Sébastien Gay Mémorial
  11. Bonatti Route
  12. Japanese Route

Matterhorn/Cervino - Ost und Nordwände