Perhaps the most famous (and the most photographed) piece of rock in the US, Half Dome has fascinated generations of visitors to Yosemite. Its northwest face was home to the first big wall climb in the valley, put up by the legendary Royal Robbins. More recently, the free solo attempt of this very same route helped put a young climber named Alex Honnold firmly on the map. Also shown are some of the routes on the Porcelain Wall.



  1. Death Slabs Approach
  2. Northwest Buttress
  3. Una Iglesia en el Cielo
  4. Regular Northwest Face
  5. Arcturus
  6. Blue Shift
  7. Same as it Never Was
  8. Direct Northwest Face
  9. Psychedelic Shack
  10. Queen of Spades
  11. Shadows
  12. Tis-sa-ack
  13. Kali Yuga
  14. The White Room
  15. Zenith
  16. The Big Chill
  17. Peripheral Vision
  18. The Promised Land
  19. Arctic Sea
  20. Bushido
  21. The Jet Stream
  22. White Trash Vacation
  23. Solitary Confinement
  24. Luminescent Wall
  25. Sky Is Falling
  26. Direct Northwest Face
  27. When Hell was in Session
  28. Strange World
  29. House of Cards
  30. Sargantana

Half Dome