Between arête des Grands Montets and the north face of les Drus, the vast and steep Nant Blanc face of aiguille Verte is on full display for everyone in Chamonix yet receives very few ascents (and even fewer descents), due to its steepness and seriousness. There are a handful of classic, primarily the Charlet-Platonov (from 1935!) and Gabarrou-Silvy, and a lot of hard ice and mixed, with a bit of serac danger for added spiciness. It is also home to the steepest descent in all of the range, first skied by Boivin in 1989 and snowboarded by Siffredi in 1999, and only repeated a handful of times since then.


As a bonus, you get the entire north face of les Drus!



  1. Face N de la Petite Aiguille Verte
  2. Voie Normale de la Petite Aiguille Verte
  3. Couloir Frigor
  4. Goulotte Moatti-Savary
  5. Voie Gugliermina
  6. Cascades du col du Nant Blanc
  7. Violente Illusion
  8. Voie 1957
  9. Variante Franco-Belge
  10. Voie Charlet-Platonov
  11. Goulotte à la pointe Croux
  12. Goulotte Baumont-Cardis
  13. Descente Bonhomme-Bruchez
  14. Voie 1982
  15. Voie Charlet-Devouassoux
  16. Voie Britannique 1976
  17. Voie du Loïc
  18. Directe Boivin-Vallençant
  19. Roulette Russe
  20. Tifenn
  21. Directissime Gabarrou-Silvy
  22. Alpes Angels
  23. There Goes the Neighborhood
  24. Goulotte Marsigny
  25. Voie Brown-Patey
  26. Sans Nom, Sans Âme
  27. Freedom
  28. Voie Tuccinardi-Schmutz
  29. Voie Cecchinel-Stolzenberg
  30. Couloir Nord des Drus
  31. Couloir Nord Direct
  32. Voie des Polonais
  33. Voie des Tchèques
  34. Directissime Jean-Claude Bertrand
  35. Voie Lesueur
  36. Voie Allain-Leininger
  37. Voie des Guides
  38. C'est Arrivé Demain

Aiguille Verte - Nant Blanc